Freestanding jib crane ALPHA 100

Mobile slewing jib crane ALPHA 100

WLL: 63 - 1000 kg
Outreach: 1 - 8 m


Mobile slewing jib crane ALPHA 100

  • Slewing range: 360°
  • Rotation: manual
  • Chain hoist: electric or manual
  • Control from the attached cassette to hoist or separately

Freestanding jib crane ALPHA 100

Outreach [m] 2,0 3,5 4,5 5,0 5,5 6,5 8,0
WLL [kg] 63 * * * * * * *
125 * * * * * *
160 * * * * *
250 * * * *
320 * * *
500 * *
1000 *

Recommended equipment. Optional:

  • hoist ESW with electric trolley EWE
  • hoist ESW with hand trolley EWP
  • hoist EVW with hand trolley EWP
  • hoist VX with hand trolley WP
  • hoist VX with electric trolley WE
  • hoist SBE with hand trolley  POT
  • Balanser


WLL: up to 1000 kg


WLL: up to 1000 kg


WLL: up to 500 kg


WLL: up to 1000 kg



wciagnik lancuchowy z wozkiem elektrycznym VX WE.jpg


WLL: up to 1000 kg


WLL: up to 5000 kg


WLL: up to 180 kg

wciagnik lancuchowy elektryczny VX.jpg


Electrical equipment

(for cranes with electric hoist):

  • EB1 three-phase electrical socket with rotary switch
  • EB2 three-phase electrical socket with main rotary disconnector and overcurrent protection, voltage monitoring relay and activation button, mounted on an electrical box with an 8-module DIN rail for mounting modular devices of the TH35 system
  • SG additional electrical socket at the hoist, enabling power supply of suspended devices, e.g. vacuum grippers with an electric pump (option)


Cassette control ST

  • The cassette is suspended under the hoist or on a separate cable line
  • For hoists with an electric trolley and cranes with an electric drive for rotation of the cassette arm with 4, 6 or 8 buttons

Cassette control SE

  • The cassette is suspended under the hoist or on a separate cable line
  • The ergonomic shape allows for safe control with one hand

kaseta sterujaca 1.jpg

kaseta sterujaca 2.jpg

Control with a manipulator SM

  • Only VERLINDE hoists Control buttons and manipulator integrated with the load hook
  • It allows for safe control and simultaneous precise
    two-handed maneuvering of the hook and load

Control cylindrical SC

  • Only KITO EDC hoists
  • Steering cylinder integrated with the load hook
  • It allows for safe control with one hand while maneuvering the load hook
  • The handle housing contains a main and alarm switch, potentiometers determining the upper and lower limits of the lifting speed, a speed range switch and diodes indicating the device status

kaseta sterujaca 3.jpg

kaseta sterujaca 4.jpg

Radio control SR

  • Tele-Radio Panther 2.4 Ghz 16-channel system
  • No cable connection between the cassette and the hoist or crane - remote operation possible 8-button cassette + transmitter mounted on a crane
  • A wired control unit is included in the set in case of radio failure or operation in EM interference conditions

Ballast base:

  • It consists of a steel bottom and top plate and concrete ballast modules
  • The number of modules is selected depending on the load capacity and reach
  • Detachable base, facilitating assembly, transport and possible expansion









Mobile base

1 717

1 350

1 755




Mounting methods:

  • MB ballast - a crane not attached to the ground
  • Mobile (without load) when equipped with a wheelset
  • Support - adjustable swing feet
  • Requires a hard, stable surface

Arm rotation drive:

NB manual drive

  • Arm rotation caused by manual movement of a load or load chain

NB-naped-reczny.jpg   NB-naped-reczny1.jpg                               

Working area limitation:

SO-A fixed arm rotation limiter (bumper), screwed to the column during crane assembly

  • Limits the movement of crane arms in zones dangerous to the operation of the crane, people or nearby devices and installations
  • After analyzing the hazards and working conditions, the limiters are installed "permanently" in a way that prevents quick or accidental disassembly
  • Additional fixed stops (bumpers) are mounted at the ends of the working part of the arm, limiting the movement of the trolley along the arm

SO adjustable limiter (option)

Rotation retarder:

SP Arm rotation decelerator (optional)

  • It can only be used in the absence of an electric drive for arm rotation
  • Prevents sudden or uncontrolled rotation of the arm
  • Enables precise positioning of the load
  • Standardly installed on all crane joints
  • Principle of operation: friction with adjustable pressure force


Arm rotation lock:

SB Arm rotation lock (option)

  • Allows you to securely lock the arm in the selected position
  • Locking using a pin with an eye and a disc with holes at the lower yoke of the arm rotation axis
  • The lock can be single-point or multi-point
  • By default, the arm is locked at one point in the "straight" position


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