Gantry crane with height adjustment DELTA 200

WLL: 1 500 kg


Gantry crane with height adjustment DELTA 200

The gantry crane is designed for lifting, lowering and moving loads located in its working space, which is determined by the length of the bearing beam. The load capacity of the gantry winch is determined for the entire range of work of the bearing beam.

Gantry crane DELTA 200 allows for adjustment:

  • the height of the support beam
  • the height of the supports
  • the length of the working part of the support beam.

The gantry crane can be folded or disassembled into simple components, making it easier to service, transport or store.


  • Feet that can be anchored
  • Separate height adjustment of each foot

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Adjusting the height and length of the support beam:

  • Lifting/lowering by crank
  • Locking with screws
  • Adjustable height of driving supports
  • Adjustable length of the supporting beam

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DELTA 200 1 500 1645- 2745 1600-3850 1533 100 250 340

Recommended equipment. Optional:

  • hoist ESW with electric trolley EWE
  • hoist ESW with hand trolley EWP
  • hoist EVW with hand trolley EWP
  • hoist VX with hand trolley WP
  • hoist VX with electric trolley WE
  • hoist SBE with hand trolley  POT


WLL: up to 5000 kg


WLL: up to 2000 kg


WLL: up to 500 kg




WLL: up to 2500 kg


WLL: up to 1250 kg


WLL: up to 5000 kg

wciagnik lancuchowy z wozkiem elektrycznym VX WE.jpg

wciagnik lancuchowy elektryczny VX.jpg


Electrical equipment

(for cranes with electric hoist):

  • EB1 three-phase electrical socket with rotary switch
  • EB2 three-phase electrical socket with main rotary disconnector and overcurrent protection, voltage monitoring relay and activation button, mounted on an electrical box with an 8-module DIN rail for mounting modular devices of the TH35 system
  • Spiral cable route
  • SG additional electrical socket at the hoist, enabling power supply of suspended devices, e.g. vacuum grippers with an electric pump (option)


Cassette control ST

  • The cassette is suspended under the hoist or on a separate cable line
  • For hoists with an electric trolley and cranes with an electric drive for rotation of the cassette arm with 4, 6 or 8 buttons

Cassette control SE

  • The cassette is suspended under the hoist or on a separate cable line
  • The ergonomic shape allows for safe control with one hand

kaseta sterujaca 1.jpg

kaseta sterujaca 2.jpg

Control with a manipulator SM

  • Only VERLINDE hoists Control buttons and manipulator integrated with the load hook
  • It allows for safe control and simultaneous precise
    two-handed maneuvering of the hook and load

Control cylindrical SC

  • Only KITO EDC hoists
  • Steering cylinder integrated with the load hook
  • It allows for safe control with one hand while maneuvering the load hook
  • The handle housing contains a main and alarm switch, potentiometers determining the upper and lower limits of the lifting speed, a speed range switch and diodes indicating the device status

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