We offer professional equipment for lifting loads, which thanks to the availability in the form of solutions with different technical specifications, will work in all conditions. In the following catalog you will find cranes in the adjustable, pole, wall and ceiling version. In addition to their design, the presented systems also differ in terms of the type of hoist (electric or manual), the range of rotation, load capacity and standard equipment.

Lifting Beams


We offer our clients traditional traverses, i.e. fixed and adjustable beam beams, type H, as well as special, individually tailored to the requirements of loads raised at the customer's plant. Models designed for lifting containers or Big-Bags are just some of the types of support beams we manufacture.

Lifting Clamps


In our assortment you can find solutions for lifting various types of loads, even with high weight and non-standard dimensions. You can find products designed for use with: plates, containers concrete products, steel coils, barrels, rails, pipes and profiles, rubble, special elements (engines, rotators).

Forklift attachments


Professional assortment for forklifts is available in our assortment. We offer pallet forks, extensions, covers, traverses and a lot of other products that improve the operation of the forklifts, and thus also the internal transport of materials. We have a large selection of parts that allow you to transform the device and prepare for a different nature of work.



Steel slings most commonly used in industry are rope slings. Mainly thanks to the attractive price they have found wide application. In our offer you will find them in many different varieties, both the simplest "ties" and multi-leg constructions. We manufacture crimped and braided products. For the production of slings, we use galvanized steel ropes made of high-strength materials and other components of tested and highest quality.



In the assortment you can also find sling accessories such as hook locks, eye bolts, stainless steel main links, tensioners, chain arms, galvanized turnbuckles, as well as aluminum couplings and traverses.