Pressed thimble eye type F

  • Diameter range of wire ropes:  from 2 to 60 mm.

  • Ropes construction : 1x19, 6x7+NF, 6x7+IWRC, 6x19+FC, 6x19+IWRC, 6x37+FC, WS6x36+FC, WS6x36+IWRC, 8x19+FC, 8x19xIWRC, 19x7, 35x7.

  • The strength of wires in ropes: 1770, 1960, 2160N/mm2.

  • Direction of coiling ropes : RHOL, RHLL, LHOL, LHLL.

Complies with the provisions of the Machinery Directive: 2006/42/WE

Made according to the harmonized standard: PN-EN 13414-1

Marked on  product : producers sign, sign CE, load capacity, factory number,  year of production.



The minimum breaking strength strands is 90% of the minimum breaking load of rope.

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