Uchwyt do rur M120211

Tubes clamp M-2012-211

  • The holder is designed for transporting pipes with diameters ranging from 50 mm to 150 mm. With a single handle, the pipe should always be caught exactly in its center of gravity. For long pipes it is recommended to use at least 2 holders attached to the crossbar to maintain the stability of the load. The gripping surface of the pipe should be free from damage, distortion, oil or other foreign elements.

  • Complies with the provisions of the Machinery Directive: 2006/42/WE

  • Made according to the harmonized standard: PN-EN 13155

Marked on  product : producers sign, sign CE, load capacity, factory number,  year of production.

WLL [kg]

Scope of catching [mm]

Weight [kg]


50 - 150


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