Freestanding jib crane ALPHA 300

Freestanding jib crane ALPHA 300

WLL: 63 - 500 kg
Outreach: 1 - 7,5 m


Freestanding Jib Crane ALPHA 300

  • Slewing range: 270° and 300°
  • Rotation: electric or  manual
  • Chain hoist: electric or manual
  • Trolley: electric or manual
  • Control from the attached cassette to hoist or separately

Żuraw przestawny Alpha 200

Outreach [m] 3,0 4,0 4,5 5,0 6,0 7,5
WLL [kg] 63 * * * * * *
125 * * * * *
160 * * * *
250 * * *
320 * *
500 *

Recommended equipment. Optional:

  • hoist ESW
  • hoist  EVW
  • hoist  VX
  • hoist SBE
  • Balanser


WLL: up to 500 kg


WLL: up to 500 kg


WLL: up to 500 kg





WLL: up to 500 kg


WLL: up to 180 kg


Electrical equipment

(for cranes with electric hoist):

  • EB1 three-phase electrical socket with rotary switch
  • EB2 three-phase electrical socket with main rotary disconnector and overcurrent protection, voltage monitoring relay and activation button, mounted on an electrical box with an 8-module DIN rail for mounting modular devices of the TH35 system
  • SG additional electrical socket at the hoist, enabling power supply of suspended devices, e.g. vacuum grippers with an electric pump (option)


Cassette control ST

  • The cassette is suspended under the hoist or on a separate cable line
  • For hoists with an electric trolley and cranes with an electric drive for rotation of the cassette arm with 4, 6 or 8 buttons

Cassette control SE

  • The cassette is suspended under the hoist or on a separate cable line
  • The ergonomic shape allows for safe control with one hand

kaseta sterujaca 1.jpg

kaseta sterujaca 2.jpg

Control with a manipulator SM

  • Only VERLINDE hoists Control buttons and manipulator integrated with the load hook
  • It allows for safe control and simultaneous precise
    two-handed maneuvering of the hook and load

Control cylindrical SC

  • Only KITO EDC hoists
  • Steering cylinder integrated with the load hook
  • It allows for safe control with one hand while maneuvering the load hook
  • The handle housing contains a main and alarm switch, potentiometers determining the upper and lower limits of the lifting speed, a speed range switch and diodes indicating the device status

kaseta sterujaca 3.jpg

kaseta sterujaca 4.jpg

Ballast base:

  • It consists of a steel bottom and top plate and concrete ballast modules
  • The number of modules is selected depending on the load capacity and reach
  • Detachable base, facilitating assembly, transport and possible expansion









Mobile base

1 717

1 350

1 755




Mounting methods:

  • MB ballast - a crane not attached to the ground
  • Mobile (without load) when equipped with a wheelset
  • Support - adjustable swing feet
  • Requires a hard, stable surface

Arm rotation drive:

NB manual drive

  • Arm rotation caused by manual movement of a load or load chain

NB-naped-reczny.jpg   NB-naped-reczny1.jpg                               

Working area limitation:

SO-B Adjustable arm rotation limiter (bumper), mounted on the arm

  • Limits the movement of the crane arms in zones dangerous to the operation of the crane, people or nearby devices and installations, or facilitates work by limiting unnecessary arm movements
  • The position of the stops is adjusted using screws and mounting holes

Rotation retarder:

SP Arm rotation decelerator (optional)

  • It can only be used in the absence of an electric drive for arm rotation
  • Prevents sudden or uncontrolled rotation of the arm
  • Enables precise positioning of the load
  • Standardly installed on all crane joints
  • Principle of operation: friction with adjustable pressure force


Arm rotation lock:

SB Arm rotation lock (option)

  • Allows you to securely lock the arm in the selected position
  • Locking using a pin with an eye and a disc with holes at the lower yoke of the arm rotation axis
  • The lock can be single-point or multi-point
  • By default, the arm is locked at one point in the "straight" position


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