• Cranes

    We offer professional equipment for lifting loads, which thanks to the availability in the form of solutions with different technical specifications, will work in all conditions. In the following catalog you will find cranes in the adjustable, pole, wall and ceiling version. In addition to their design, the presented systems also differ in terms of the type of hoist (electric or manual), the range of rotation, load capacity and standard equipment.
    Our company also manufactures gate winches, gantries and tripods. All of the presented cargo transport systems have been subjected to qualitative and strength tests, thanks to which they meet the requirements imposed on them. We are pleased to present a detailed specification of our products and advise which crane, crane or tripod model will be right for you.

  • Lifting Beams

    We offer our clients traditional traverses, i.e. fixed and adjustable beam beams, type H, as well as special, individually tailored to the requirements of loads raised at the customer's plant. Models designed for lifting containers or Big-Bags are just some of the types of support beams we manufacture.
    Our products are made of certified materials of the highest quality, guaranteeing durability and longevity.
    Traverses are used primarily when moving loads that cannot be transported with ordinary slings, as well as in places where the height of the crane is too small to safely lift and transport the load. In our assortment you will find models in various dimensional variants, different types and in different shapes. They are characterized by simple construction and ease of use. We offer traverses with a central eye, as well as on slings, fixed and adjustable with different, matched to the client's requirements.
    Our products undergo multi-stage quality control before putting them to use, which gives our customers the certainty that the purchased product will meet all safety standards.

  • Lifting Clamps

    In our assortment you can find solutions for lifting various types of loads, even with high weight and non-standard dimensions. You can find products designed for use with:
    concrete products,
    steel coils,
    pipes and profiles,
    special elements (engines, rotators).
    We also offer specialized solutions, such as magnetic and vacuum holders, using suction cups and chain hoists. These types of products are used only for transport in a horizontal position, carrying loads that have a compact surface (it can be both dry and oiled). When transporting people, suspended baskets are used, which we also included in the assortment. To maintain the correct organization of the space in the plant, sling racks of various designs have been prepared, tailored to the needs of our clients.

  • Forklift Attachments

    Professional assortment for forklifts is available in our assortment. We offer pallet forks, extensions, covers, traverses and a lot of other products that improve the operation of the forklifts, and thus also the internal transport of materials. We have a large selection of parts that allow you to transform the device and prepare for a different nature of work.

    We offer products in various dimensional variants. They are made of the best quality materials. They are characterized by durability and resistance to external factors. We have ready products, but we also offer the possibility of preparing some of the products in other dimensional variants, tailored to the needs of customers. We are happy to provide detailed explanations regarding individual elements and help in the selection of products.

  • Hoists & Jacks

    Hoists and lifts are most often used for lifting and positioning structures during assembly. Hoist devices available in our offer are characterized by a strong, compact construction resistant to quick wear. All our products meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.
    Some of our solutions have been additionally equipped with practical solutions, such as a crane scale or lifting speed control increasing the usability of the devices. Made of materials with increased corrosion resistance, guarantees increased service life and reliability of the entire mechanism.
    In addition to chain or rope hoists, we offer our clients functional mechanical and hydraulic lifts, hydraulic pumps, crowbars and transport rollers.
    All our devices undergo restrictive and multi-stage quality control, and also have the CE mark.
    We have full service for all devices we sell.
    The high-quality device of the recognized manufacturer that Mipromet offers is a guarantee of safe work.

  • Pulley Blocks

    Our assortment also includes components commonly used in, among others, assembly and reloading works. These are pulleys, also known as rope pulleys, on which a load of appropriately adjusted tonnage is attached. The presented models have a permissible working load (DOR), ranging from 0.5 to 22 tons, which should be taken into account when transporting goods.

    We offer both detachable, construction and screw-on models with a 4: 1 safety factor. All of them are distinguished by the use of thoughtful design and high-quality materials, so that the operation of the parts does not pose a threat to the operator or third parties. In addition, we have made available checks on stainless steel rope pulleys, which are among the flagship products in our offer.

    They have been prepared in the following variants:

    SKL 1 - from 1/4 "to 1",
    SKL 2 - from 1-1 / 8 "to 2-1 / 4,
    SKL 3 - from 6 to 20 mm,
    SKL 4 - from 22 to 44 mm.

  • Chain Slings

    Chain slings made in several quality classes are characterized by various properties. The selection is made depending on the conditions of use (e.g. temperature) and type of load. Stainless models, for Offshore, galvanizing and general use classes 8, 10 and 12 are the basic products offered by Mipromet for years.
    Chain slings are characterized by very high resistance to harsh environmental conditions, mainly mechanical damage. Simple assembly, easy storage, a wide range of endings and the ability to adjust the length of the on-site lifting operation are the basic characteristics of these products. A multitude of constructions, i.e. one-legged, two-legged, three- and four-legged, one- and two-loop is another feature responsible for their popularity.
    All our products in this category guarantee full safety of use.

  • Wire Rope Slings

    Steel slings most commonly used in industry are rope slings. Mainly thanks to the attractive price they have found wide application. In our offer you will find them in many different varieties, both the simplest "ties" and multi-leg constructions. We manufacture crimped and braided products.
    For the production of slings, we use galvanized steel ropes made of high-strength materials and other components of tested and highest quality.
    We also offer cables in many different varieties. Forged and encapsulated versions are available, as well as crimped or braided.

    All our products are in line with European standards, thanks to which they guarantee you safety and reliability of use even in the most extreme conditions.

  • Mats and pads

    The implementation of construction works often does not take place in favorable, easy to control conditions, e.g. in a confined space. Much more often they take place in the open, where machines and devices are exposed to contact with moisture or precipitation. This can be problematic, in particular for cranes and excavators, which will be forced to drive on damp or muddy ground. If the machine has rubber wheels, overcoming such terrain may be significantly difficult or even impossible - then mats and foundations will be necessary.

    We have prepared both dedicated sleepers for crane stabilizer feet, as well as anti-slip mats for excavators or dedicated connectors. Ramps, steps, and a variety of reflective pads for connectors are also available. They are all easy to carry and install. Each of the products is designed to facilitate or enable the implementation of construction works on an unstable surface, to maintain safety and at the same time the highest quality of activities.

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